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Action | Patriotic

The story of this movie is raised by proclaiming that the soil, country, history, sovereign rights of the people are the most important. Then the story turns towards revealing the violence, looting and interference happening on the Nepalese border. The story starts from Kathmandu and reaches around Nepal's border with India. The main character of the story resists every disorder and anomaly prevalent in the society. He made a life-view that there is nothing bigger than the country or country's reputation/honor of citizens and the safety of the society, the existence of everything in the country. He is traveling his life accordingly. At the same time, he finds that the thoughts and actions of many characters in the state and government are anti-national and against the interests of the country. Such thinking inspires him to campaign against the evildoers of the country and society. That campaign itself evolves into "barbed wire" at the border.

  • Director :  Nawal Khadka
  • Cast :  Nawal Khadka, Surabina Karki, Rebicca Gurung, Gaurav Pahari, Muralidhar & Prem Subba
  • Release On :  March 08, 2024
  • Duration :  1 hours 59 mins

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